Blue Elephant


Stainless steel elephant pendant, blue dyed quartzite beads in  a lovely 20″ chain. The elephant spirit guide is cherished across many cultures and religions as a great symbol and spiritual entity. In Christianity, it is an icon of chastity, patience, self-control and abstinence. These traits are viewed with the utmost respect and are meant to inspire Christians to live their lives in a similarly pure manner. In Asia, the elephant is viewed a bit differently. The Chinese believe that they symbolize longevity of life, happiness, ease, and good luck. The prominent Hindu god Ganesha, who is the patron of good luck, fortune and protection, is depicted as an elephant who gives the most valuable of blessings. Ganesha is highly glorified in Hinduism, acting as your personal protector and overcoming difficult obstacles on your behalf. This necklace is the perfect gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or just about any other occasion. Think about buying a one of a kind piece of jewelry as gifts for women who love to express their unique taste and connectedness.